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Frequently Asked Questions

We loved that the festival was on Bridge street, why did it move to Reeves Park?

Great question. Bridge street was a wonderful home for us the first few years. Each year as the festival grew, we encountered more challenges. We would turn away many great vendors since space was so limited. We decided to move it to Reeves park where there is more room, plenty of comfortable seating and shade for our furry friends. This year brings double the amount of vendors from last year! We don't want to forget the amazing Bridge street vendors that were also contributors. Please make sure to stop at the Phoenixville businesses table so that you can learn more about the wonderful vegan friendly businesses in our town.

How can I get to VegFest via public transportation? 

You can take public transportation to Phoenixville via the following bus lines: Route 99 (can be caught at the Norristown transportation center) and Route 139 (can be caught at the King Of Prussia Mall Transit Center). Alternatively you can take the Regional Rail from the city to the Paoli or Malvern station and share an Uber or Lyft (it costs about $15-$20/each way). That might be a good option if a group wants to get together and split the car fare.

Does the festival have an ADA accessible entrance?

There are 3 ADA accessible entrances to the park. They are located on 2nd avenue (near B street), 3rd avenue (near B street), and in the middle of Main street (between 2nd and 3rd avenue). People needing access can drop off and pick up at these entrances. There is limited handicap parking available.

I'd like to attend this year's VegFest with my family but I don't want my children to see any upsetting images. Is VegFest family-friendly? 

Yes: VegFest welcomes families and aims to create a positive experience.  The organizers of VegFest do not permit graphic or disturbing imagery. 

Does Phoenixville VegFest allow pets inside the festival area? 

Reeves Park is a public park open to everyone.  Pets who are responsibly leashed at all times are welcome, provided each animal is comfortable, stress-free, and safe in a busy, noisy, festival atmosphere and/or around other animals. 

Are alcoholic beverages allowed inside the festival area? 

No.  We invite you to responsibly enjoy the local bars, breweries, and distilleries downtown on their premises. 

My business is unable to participate in this year's VegFest. Can someone please contact me about 2023 participation? 

Absolutely!  Email the organizers at

Phoenixville is awesome! ​ Who can I speak with about local business development and other festival opportunities? 

Thanks! We think so, too! Contact the fabulous Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce

Where can I learn more about Peace Advocacy Network and their mission and programs?

Check out their website at

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